Traffic: Can technology make a city traffic free?

Traffic Along Katipunan

Traffic Along Katipunan

No one loves sitting in a heavy traffic jam especially when there is no valid reason for it to occur, no car accidents, no road construction and no parade of movies for christmas, just a sudden and irritating slowdown of the cars, trucks and busses ahead, causing you to hit on your brakes with rage specially when you’re already late for something important.

We all have experienced nightmares of how Metro Manila’s huge traffic jams ruined our wonderful day even before they had even a chance to begin. A lot of appointments, meetings and dates have been canceled due to the outrageous traffic in the Philippines’ capital region — Metro Manila.

Welcome to the world of traffic waves, a phenomenon that made drivers to rage since the first cars started to roll out in the road, thanks to the creative mind of Henry Ford.

Many of us would notice that most of filipino drivers considered traffic laws as optional or most of them don’t take the law seriously loading and unloading in improper areas, clogging the areas were pedestrians supposed to walk in, making i-legal terminals that would cause clogging of roads that leads to heavy traffic.

According to way back in 2012, The City of Manila was considered or named as the world’s third worst city when it comes to driving, imagine that Metro Manila is rank 3rd.

Why does traffic occur?

The simplest explanation for why traffic waves/jams happen is that drivers have relatively slow in reaction times: if the car in front of you suddenly slows down, it’ll likely take you a second or so to hit the brakes. The slower your reaction time, the harder you have to brake to compensate and keep a safe distance. The same goes for the car behind you, which has to brake even harder than you did in order to slow down faster. And so on down the road, in a domino-like effect.” (Lewis Lehe and Matthew Green 2013)

As we all know, the technology of our grandfather during their time is far different as we have now, beepers or pagers are the ones that dominates in technology in terms of communication that small piece of devise make their time powerful, what more now in this generation everything from gadgets to appliances and even cars are now considered as “Smart”.

Traffic in the roads of Metro Manila is one of the biggest problems that has not yet solved, but traffic-regulating sectors in the country are currently working out some new regulations and solutions for both public and private vehicles to lessen the traffic on major roads.

One thing that this traffic-regulating bodies sees as a first aid kit to the problem is with the use of technology preferably smart-phones and tablets by installing applications such as MMDA Traffic App and Go Manila.

Can this emerging power of technology would made Manila a Star wars or Valerian Fifth Element inspired with flying cars?

Photo from Valerian fifth Element movie

Photo from Valerian fifth Element movie

Technology might be a promising solution, with the use of your Smart-phones you can access traffic apps that can help you or anyone who drives to escape the traffic ahead” said Engr. Federico E Castillo of Plans Design & Traffic  Signal Operations Div. MMDA.

Napaka laking tulong ng mga gadgets ngayon di man ma solve yung problema agad but padahan dahan step by step maayos ng gobyerno naten yan. Halimbawa, mga application tulad ng MMDA traffic app,  Go! Manila  at iba pa na app meron sa mga cellphone naten magagamit yun ng mga tao to check if my updates about traffic ano ung mga dapat nilang iwasan na daanan or what alternate route that drivers could take.” added by Engr. Castillo.

Go! Manila

Go! Manila

Engr. Castillo said that traffic really is a major problem specially in busy city like the Metro, plus driver’s discipline towards driving is notorious but fortunately there are changes and improvements when it comes to Metro Manila traffic although it is not seen or felt by many for them it is an achievement, like quick response to accidents that could be one factor to flare up a traffic jam.

The Local government unit of the City of Manila has recently launched a mobile Application called Go! Manila.

Go! Manila screenshot

Go! Manila screenshot

The App Go! Manila will not only be a helping hand to the people of Manila, but also every people from tourists to residents in the Metro who frequently visit the city.

The app Go Manila shows real time traffic situations through mobile to cctv monitoring where in you can use your smart phones to see real time coverage of cctv around the Metro, emergency numbers, and historical information about the city.

Manila City Mayor Erap Estrada and Vice Mayos Isko Moreno developed the app so that the people would experience a virtual tourist guide and would help drivers of Metro to escape Metro’s heavy traffic.

Engr. Castillo’s thoughts about Go Manila.

“Go! Manila app is not far different from MMDA traffic app ang advantage lang ng Go! Manila ay user of this application can access cctv camera around designated places, na maari ng ma view ng user ang realtime cctv traffic monitoring ng Manila City hall.”

Who know’s maybe this small device will turn everything again into something good imagine a traffic free city, nothing is like swift and comfy when you travel to your desired destination without any hassle.

Everything or every problem that is man made is now possible when it comes to technology. Why not, maybe technology would be the solution to this world wide problem— Traffic. Maybe 5 to 10 years from now we will experience Metro Manila’s traffic less city.

– Gerard



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