I’m not well informed about this project NOAH which the government is developing so which made me interested in listening to the talk by Mr. Peter Ferrer, a geologist and a research associate in the Department of Science and Technology. Project NOAH is short for Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards. It is additionally called NOAH due to the celebrated Noah’s Ark, about the surge and sparing the creatures. Be that as it may this task will spare loads of individuals’ lives. The Philippines is one of the nations that dependably get hit by any sort of disasters, may it be a storm, a seismic tremor, or even an avalanche.

Approaching a smartphone way project NOAH is a good strategy to inform the public is a good strategy because almost all Filipinos are attached to their phones and to the internet even though our internet connection is crap we are still the 7th fastest growing nation when It comes to smartphones.

Website of project NOAH

My reaction when I visited the site was it is too complex to be understood by a normal person surfing the net. It was not user friendly enough to be used and it’s a little bit laggy also.

Application of project NOAH

The app was nice and it had good design and user interface. When I was using the app it drained my battery a lot which is a bad thing when having typhoon or calamities because there might be a black out and you battery might die instantaneously.



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