Advancement Technology to Ensure Food Freshness Preservation


A technology enhanced by a Filipino inventor, Hernando B. Decena, an ordinary man but made a big change on food advancement technology. Engr. Decena graduated from National University with the degree of Mechanical Engineering. He is a very hardworking man because he is the breadwinner of his family and the BIF is the fruit of his hardwork.  His innovation could preserve meat, poultry and non-leafy vegetables and aquatic products. The revolutionary technology called BIF or Brine Immersion Freezer.


What is BIF?

BIF or Brine Immersion Freezing is a quick freezing method which uses a super conductive (the ability materials to conduct electric current with exactly zero resistance) liquid which freezes meat, poultry, non-leafy vegetable and aquatic products for a few minutes.

How does BIF work?

Inside the BIF freezer you can find the liquid solution, liquid that instantly freezes the products with minimal cell wall rupture during the ice crystal formation stage. Consequently, the substances in the cell are almost unchanged, preserving the flavor and texture as fresh as before freezing. Dip the products for a certain amount of time. After dropping the product inside the freezer it will come out rock hard after a particular amount of time, For example place big fishes in the freezer then after 3o minutes or less it will come out rock hard and can be stored in Styrofoam container without ice for about 2 to 3 days max other products can be freezed inside the freezer like beer place beer in the brine immersion freezer for 10 minutes or less and it can be drinked sub-zero. Knowing that when a certain food is placed in the BIF it will be frozen or most likely be hard as a rock, you have to defrost it or leave it still on a half-full of water and wait for it to be dissolved for a little amount of time and still its original freshness is instilled. The use of salt water solution is a way of preserving living animals but it doesn’t mix up to the original savor of the fish and such.

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Advantages of BIF compared to other products

BIF can eliminate the use of ice containers when shipping goods thus lessening the overhead cost. Vacuum pack likewise obliges extra cost because of the plastic to be utilized and is great just for specific items and pulverizes the surface nature of fish items because of quick change in temperature bringing about high thickness of ice crystal formation. Blast freezing likewise is great just for certain seafood products and lowers the quality of seafood products because of quick change in temperature bringing about high thickness of ice crystal formation. BIF is energy efficient which only consumes 120 kilowatts per ton of electricity and guaranteed result in freezing as compared to other products which consume a lot of electricity and not result to better quality of products. In summary, this technology could preserve freshness of a living thing from small ocean creatures to the big ones unlike the old school freezer that could take out all the taste as well as the freshness that Filipinos are looking for.

Target Market of BIF

The target community of Engr. Decena are the farmer cooperatives in provinces but one problem that he discovered is Filipino farmers tend to shy away from new technology however he said that after the farmers discover the benefits of the BIF they would want one in their cooperatives and people whose business are importing and exporting seafoods and other leafy vegetables as well as other goods that needs preservation for its freshness, taste and all that alike to other countries. His vision is to eliminate post-harvest loss. BIF also eliminates food shortage because in can freeze food for storage in times of calamity which is frequent in the Philippines. Fishermen and farmers don’t need to worry about selling their product pronto they can increase products shelf life with the use of BIF.


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